​It was like any other night for him. Getting drunk now, having stumbling steps later. It was just not that he was addicted, but an excuse to escape out of life. Dull, boring, monotonous life. But one day it all changed, when his shaky fingers and blurry vision managed to send a hi to her. They connected so well, eventually their lives intertwined. 

Afterwards, it didn’t changed the fact that he was an addict. Addict was, addict still. Only his addiction changed. 
Well,  this time he didn’t have any seconds thoughs.


Religion and Terror

A path to follow or a road to travel for some or something blindly to have faith in. Religion. A single word a thousand interpretations. For some, a reason for doing something and; for some, excuse for not doing something. This word has been used without even thinking of what it’s real definition is. It’s lost it’s never here now. We link it to something more fragile, controversial, simply absurd things which don’t even relate to this word. Like Fights, Riots, Killings, Terror and for what ? Because some started it using as their cause of doing things which they were not even sure of. Things which were not at all even considered to be reasonable for being done. Things horrible enough to not speak off but terrifying enough not to get rid off. Call it 9/11 in America or 26/11 in India, these are not dates. These are the days where we lost faith in humanity. In bible it is written, “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel“, while absorbing the wisdom of this holy aphorism. We shall think of those who were part of something that was cruel but they thought it was for a greater purpose, if they can have faith in cruelty to make things right in their way, why can’t we have faith on mercy, vigilance and humanity? Because definition of humanity is long gone as is of religion. We blame this on a religion but fact is religion has to do nothing about it. If those who did it really followed any religion they would have not done what they did. People who relate religion and terror are the ones you should be afraid of, not the terrorists. Cause they are ones who are misinterpreting. They are the ones who forgot the definition.
Don’t blame a religion for things done by some madmen.
Make love not war
Pray for Paris

Only you.

I love to see your eyes. Cause it doesn’t matter what you say, eyes don’t lie. They never do. And looking into those beautiful eyes only thing I conclude is an assertion that whatever you do, the only thing you will ever seek is “the good” for you. Its not being selfish, or self centred it’s just being realist. Things don’t work the way they use to. So start finding another way cause this time its going to get nasty. World is selfish, but you can be meaner. So just show. What you can do. And no one can by doing something that won’t leave their heads even when they are looking for the last time at the sky.


They hate you cause they’re insecure. They don’t have what you do. Even if that is evil. Without demons, angels would have never existed. Light is complimented by the dark. Everyone you know is no less important than the one you give importance. Everyone is playing their role. And they have to, cause no one can take your place, cause you’re they’re one and only one who can. If Hitler wouldn’t have started world war. Many nations still would have been enemies, and many allies. Without witnessing the truth it’s hard to know how big the lie was. Love yourself the most. Cause you’re special. Doesn’t matter what you are, or what you do. Just remember while doing anything wrong, whatever you will be doing can happen with you too.


Relationships are trend now. I mean every other teen you find is in a relation.
But sarcastically, these relations last less than china’s goods.
But those who want love not lust, think about what I am going to say.
The difference between infatuation and love is what we all know. Still, Infatuation is just attraction due to some qualities, and it can either turn to selfless love or well a false dream.
Talking about love, the day your start loving someone for a reason, you’re doomed. I mean, love with a reason never lasts. I can make you explain that in this way, if I love you, and that love is for your good looks or good qualities etc. It can happen that someday you look bad, so at that time will I be able to still love you ?
So, love with any kind of reason can never last, cause the reason might never last. If you’re in relationship, and someone asks you why you love him/her? If your answer is somewhat like-I don’t know I just love him/her there is no particular reason I love him/her ”unconditionally”, then beware you’re in damn love !
So my point is if you want love, love unconditionally, if you want to love for a qualitiy or condition, then please don’t. Cause its nothing but infatuation which will fade out within sometime, either for being ignored or cause you found someone better.

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Last letter

Well, how to start ? Ok goodbye. Ok not appropriate. Hmmm. Well, you understand I’m bit confused and I have total right. First you’re going, second on the last moment I’ve decided to write this(always been to the cinemas). Third this handwriting has already started to mess up. So what I would do is say the things I like, and not those which you don’t. Cause it’s about you.
Before journey :
Yes, you’ll be going today. But tomorrow will be a brighter day for you if you go today. Yes it’s hard to live away from all those you love. But my baby doll it’s worth it. Some of them may get insecure about your going. Some would say if something happens to you, what if you get lost, what if someone molests you. I would say, what tf. Those who really matter won’t bother about these anyway. And those who do, don’t matter. Cause these would be the people who will want you to stay in a cage , in their control. You should fly. You may fall, but even when you do you will rise above again. πŸ™‚ I’m just worried about you getting cold. :p
While travelling :
I just realised you are travelling across the whole country horizontally. That is so interesting :3 As you start your journey you would or you may want to go back home. You might start thinking about all the things you’ve done here. You’ll realise before reaching the destination itself you’ve started missing this place. The faces, the places. How were the things some years ago. When you’re free of all this mess, but now when you’re mature you have to deal with so many things. Childhood was so fun and all. But dear, everything has a beginning and a end. It started with such a beauty because of you, you can’t ruin it’s ending. And what you have here deserves a happy ending. πŸ™‚ You will start a whole new phase of your life. It deserves a good beginning too. Focus on that.
After you reach :
Things would be exciting. New place, new people. Hot boys, institution. Most of it and obviously the freedom. As the days go by, the fun, the happiness will start to get dull. Its natural. We get bored of the things that doesn’t belong to us. Yes somedays you would feel alone, depressed, stressed and frustrated. You would want to say things that will make you feel free but will make others sad because you would be sad. So I’m giving you a companion. It has the patience you need. It doesn’t demand. It will be someone you can count on. End of the day you should know things you’re doing is for you and your family. Whatever you do, don’t ever hurt them by hurting yourself. Be strong, be safe but bmost importantly be happy. Nothing else matters than your happiness. And yes not even a millionaire can buy you that :p
I’ve wrote this not to hurt you. Just to make you see the good side. Tried to write in proper grammer and vocab still try to omit if I do any misteka. Oh ! Oops :3 This is something that you can read in these two years you will spend in kota. Things won’t be easy and I know you don’t want things to be easy. Eventually you’ll get to what you want girl !
And afterall we say goodbyes to say hello again. πŸ˜‰

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He is grown

He had a dream. What all teenage boys have having a sexy girlfriend, good scores in academics. A simple steady life. But he realised he never could ran out of troubles of his life. Even in the days when he should be playing with toys. He had to be the man of the house. He realised he never wanted a sexy girl. Just a girl deeply in love with him. But he’s grown, and growing a bit more and more day by day. He’s finally figuring out how life works. Now, he knows choices you make in the present decides the way you will be in future. He seeks more than love now. He knows what he is looking for and it’s beyond recognition for any other. But he is focused now. He seeks pleasure even in pain. He, and only he is what remains.

But you can always have your second thoughts.